Teen Patti

Learn The Basics Of Teen Patti

Teen Patti, which, in English, literally means three cards is a popular card game that has its origins in the Indian subcontinent. However, in some areas the game of Teen Patti is called Flash or Flush. This is a gambling style card game and is played throughout south Asia as well as in many other parts of the world. It uses a standard deck of cards containing 52 cards with four suits, but without the joker. It can be played by three to six players.

The game starts with the players deciding on a set amount for the ante or boot; they must also decide on how this boot amount is payed. For example, each player can put a predetermined set amount into the pot (center of the table) or players might choose to have one player put in a larger amount, with the person responsible for the boot rotating with each round played. Once these decisions have been agreed upon, the designated player or players will place the specified boot amount in the center of the table. The pot will be added to as the round continues, with the last player still in the game winning the entire amount.

Once the boot is in the pot, the designated dealer should pass out three cards to each player. The ranking of the cards has the aces as the highest card, followed by the kings, queens, jacks on down to the twos. After everyone has had a chance to look at their cards, the player to the left of the dealer starts; play then continues in a clockwise direction. Players should make a bet depending on the strength of their hand or their willingness to gamble that others will drop out.

The first player places their bet in the pot, then the next player has to put in the same amount (call) or they can add some additional money to the pot, this call or upping the bet is referred to as chaal. Each player either calls, ups the betting, or drops out of the game. When the betting is done, each hand is ranked according to the cards. Ranking goes in the following order: trail – three of a kind; pure sequence – straight flush; sequence — straight; color — flush; pair — two of a kind; high card — this is used if none of the above combinations exist. The player with the highest card wins.