With careful consideration I  have decided to cease We The People Will Not Be Chipped a movement I started eleven years ago. Initially it was a vehicle to educate the masses about an agenda that most people considered fringe lunatic. Call it naive, I didn’t realise the monster I would create and after years of film releases our movement gained the credibility it deserved. I was soon called ‘The Microchip Expert” and fielded interviews from around the world on all major alternative news sites and even hitting mainstream TV and Print Media.


This past year has read like a science fiction novel for me and I basically fear for my safety after being under intense pressure from the adversary. I have come to realise this is not my war, it is Gods. I was merely a messenger and the season to end the movement has come.


For those of you who know me, this is not a decision I have made lightly, I have poured my heart and soul into this project for no other reasons than to educate the masses about an agenda that WILL be implemented but still needs to be resisted. I have always kept my personal belief system quiet to attract a wider audience focusing on patents and hard evidence but the time has come to reveal, this agenda has been prophesied in the Bible in Revelations.


If someone wishes to continue the work, I warn you the territory is rough and will bring you to your knees. I have come to highly respect the agenda from the perspective that they want to implement it at all costs and I was a thorn in the side. This thorn, has folded the hand for myself and my family.


I will be pursuing other ventures which will feed and clothe the poor in a world that is crumbling before our eyes.


I thank you for following our work and I ask for your prayers as I move to another stage of my life.


In Jesus Name

The Founder

Greg Nikolettos